Hummer Daddy

Hummer Daddy

65.00 55.00

Price is per person.

If you want to ride in the biggest available limousine in Hungary, you are in the right place, at the right time. It’s not even a limousine, it’s a rolling party. 16 metres long, separated place inside, LCD televisions, loud speakers, LED lights everywhere… if you want to be known from the first minute you arrive in the city, this is your toy!

You need to know:
– duration: 1 hour
– ,ax. 33 passengers
– openable roof for 12 people
– stripper pole
– custom Hi-Fi system
– fantastic light effects
– darkened windows
– bars
– leather interior
– you will get a pretty hostess guide
– convertible roof for 12 people
– transfer to the accommodation
– 2 bottles of champagne
– free round of beer

Discount from 22 person.

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