Hummer Daddy

XL Hummer Limousine


Airport transfer price: 36€/person

If you want to ride one of the biggest available limousines in Hungary, you are in the right place, at the right time. It’s not even a limousine, it’s a rolling party. 13 meters long, LCD televisions, loudspeakers, LED lights everywhere… 

This must be the perfect beginning for your STAG DO party. 


Don’t forget, it could be a real unforgettable STAG DO experience with some extras. 


It includes:

– 1-hour long limousine ride at Budapest

– 13 meters long monster limousine

– fancy mood lights

– air-conditioned

– leather interior

– 5 LCD TVs

– mini-bar

– local beautiful English speaking guide – with a funny and interesting Budapest presentation

– 2 bottles of champagne

– free round of beer to each 


You need to know:

  • min. 10, max. 18 passengers (including the strippers)