Beer Tasting


Price per person.

We don’t know what you’ve heard about Hungarian beers, but once you taste it, you won’t be able to stop it. There are hundreds of Hungarian craft beers nowadays. Pilsner-style (pale or blond lagers, with a slightly bitter taste), but we have nice Bock-style beers as well (dark or brown, using caramel mash for the color and sweeter taste). Take part in a perfect activity before you start your night in Budapest.

It includes:

  • local beautiful English- speaking guide
  • 5 different types of beer per person ( 0,35 pint/person) – blonde lager, red IPA, seasonal IPA on tap, brown ale, sour-cherry ale, beer biscuits
  • beer expert, ready to answer your questions
  • 30 types of delicious Hungarian craft beer to taste
  • beer biscuits
  • V.I.P. craft beer pub in the city center just for your service

You need to know:

  • 1-hour experience
  • after the tasting, you have a chance to try other drinks at the place (cash bar is available)
  • You also have the chance to try 30 different Hungarian craft beers at the place
  • There are other kinds of drinks at the beer bar, not just beers.